Becca Schinagl

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Becca Schinagl

My name is Becca Schinagl and I am really excited to be the first female physiotherapist at Oakwood.

I graduated from the Masters Physiotherapy course at Northumbria University. I was given some amazing opportunities throughout my placements, gaining experience in Paediatrics, Women’s Health, and Critical Care, as well as a research-based placement in Neuromuscular Diseases.

Prior, I completed a BSc undergraduate degree in Sports and Exercise Sciences, which is where my interest in the anatomy of the body grew, understanding how it can be affected and treated in many different ways.

As a qualified Sports Masseuse, my understanding of management and treatment developed, and I am delighted to be offering Sports Massage alongside Physiotherapy at Oakwood.

Emily Donovan

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Emily Donovan

I am an AFN certified MRSPH qualified Nutrition Coach. My role here at Oakwood is to support patients with their nutrition alongside their physiotherapy and MBST treatment.

I can help individuals achieve their goals and optimise their health, healing, recovery and rehabilitation, helping to target chronic inflammation from the root cause.

Cheryl Moody

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Cheryl Moody

My name is Cheryl Moody, I am a wife and mother of two grown up daughters, we have lived in Bingham for 15 years and moved down from our hometown of Newcastle. I have a busy life and very much enjoy playing golf (although not that well), cycling with the local Breeze ladies club and walking my dog Lilly through our beautiful local countryside.

I had the initial pleasure of experiencing reflexology for my own wellbeing from my twin sister who is a qualified therapist in Sydney, Australia and since then have been hooked and have had regular treatments since. Every treatment is so relaxing, and I feel completely uplifted afterwards.

As I am now in a new phase of my life, I decided to change my career and take the path into being a reflexologist myself so that I can help other people with their own wellbeing journey.

As a skilled reflexologist, recognised by the Association of Reflexologists (AOR) I hold a Level 5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology, the highest available in the UK, gaining my qualification at Jubilee College.

I very much enjoy the connection with my clients and helping them with their own wellbeing journey I have treated a vast number of people with a wide variety of conditions, and I pride myself on having a friendly and welcoming approach.

Sam Mellor

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Sam Mellor MCSP, Chartered Physiotherapist, HCPC

My name is Sam Mellor and I am a Chartered Physiotherapist working at Oakwood Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre. I completed my BSc Physiotherapy degree from University of Nottingham and since then have worked within the private sector, the NHS and elite sport. These variety of roles have helped me gain a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience in treating many musculoskeletal conditions.

Working alongside you, I want to restore your movement and function to get you back to your normal daily activities. Utilising hands-on physiotherapy techniques and exercise prescription, I aim to not only improve your symptoms, but tackle the root cause of your problem. I am passionate about empowering patients’ health and wellbeing and keen to keep people fit and active.

My special interest is the treatment and management of shoulder and ankle injuries.

Liam Dinnall-Bateman

Liam Dinnall-Bateman

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Liam Dinnall-Bateman

Liam Dinnall-Bateman

I am a Chartered Physiotherapist at Oakwood Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre. I joined Oakwood in 2022, gaining a vast variety of skills to treat all musculoskeletal complaints.

Previously I played as a professional footballer for Aston Villa Football Club, but sadly my career ended due to a broken leg and compartment syndrome. After this I made it my ambition to help and care for others. Funnily enough many years ago I was treated by Ian for my injuries which finally led to me pursuing a career in Physiotherapy.

I was a Healthcare assistant throughout the pandemic and progressed my role to Therapy Assistant in the NHS. I am a qualified Personal Trainer, Sports Masseur and Physiotherapist.

During my training I was fortunate to gain experience in Acute Stroke Rehabilitation, Community Stroke Rehabilitation, Community MSK rehabilitation and Respiratory.

I care about every patient I treat and make it my aim to help them live a better life and achieve goals, whether that is by decreasing pain or
increasing movement. I hope to be a valuable addition to the team and the community, providing my skills and knowledge. I aim to learn from different patients and Physiotherapists.

Using the wide range of cutting-edge technology to support my treatment methods, I am to achieve the best outcomes for patients.
At Oakwood Physiotherapy, our goal is to help you be free from pain as soon as possible and enable an easy, pain-free return to normal daily activities. I am ready to support you on your journey to becoming injury free.

Sarah Hopton

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Sarah Hopton MBACP (Accred) | MNCS (Prof Accred) | FACCPH | Adv AP

I am an accredited and registered psychotherapist. I work with individuals, groups and organisations supporting life changes and mental health issues, including addiction and trauma.

I have a busy practise in Derbyshire and am delighted to be joining the team at Oakwood Physiotherapy, where we can offer a holistic treatment approach that integrates the impacts of physical trauma on mental health.

I consider my professional journey as being positively impacted by my corporate experience, sporting accomplishments and time spent working within therapeutic communities for addiction and trauma clients. These life experiences created a path that shaped my approach to counselling and psychotherapy which  is trauma informed and relational where each individual is intrinsically valued and treatment is bespoke.

I believe it is important to have ‘walked the walk’ rather than just ‘talk the talk’ so remain open to new ways of working and using intuition to see where the client’s treatment plan needs to go. I aim to facilitate a trusting therapeutic relationship where clients can feel safe and secure, so they feel able to share their experience in confidence. I believe in a pro-active approach to help clients achieve their treatment goals.

Vicky Greenhough

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Vicky Greenhough NCSAM

My name is Vicky and I am an enthusiastic, person-centred Counsellor based in the Vale of Belvoir.

As a therapist I value individual difference. Every person is unique. I value integrity, honesty, finding your own path and standing out from the crowds. I value connections, trust and strength. I am not a fixer and I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I do strongly believe that people can be empowered to find their own answers. I may have a suggestion or two to help you on your way. I know that I am OK to sit with people in chaos, I can appreciate “stuckness” and I’m not afraid to travel with you.

My aim is to allow you the time, security and space to reflect on how your life is, be that in the here and now looking at day to day life, or as a bigger picture.

Are there things you would like to do differently but are unsure of how or where to start? Maybe you have identified a pattern of behaviour as history keeps repeating itself, but are unsure why this is happening?

Together we can explore, awareness is key to change and growth. I am not afraid to visit a dark place with you if you so choose to take me there. What I will do, with the depth and trust we would firstly establish in our relationship, is keep you safe whilst we visit.

Being a person-centred therapist I work in a client led environment, at a pace that’s comfortable and safe for you. I will not push you into areas that you don’t want to go to.

I appreciate how big a step it may feel to contact a counsellor and for this reason I offer a free initial phone consultation that can be arranged via phone, text or email, at a time suitable to us both to have an initial discussion about how it works, answer any questions you may have and hopefully alleviate any concerns or fears regarding taking the first step to getting help.

I am qualified and accredited and have full insurance. I have experience working with both adults and children, tailoring the therapy to the individuals needs.

Ian Andrews

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Ian Andrews

Hi, my name is Ian Andrews. I have worked within elite sport as a physiotherapist for many years and have developed Oakwood Physiotherapy into a well run, busy practice located in Bingham Nottinghamshire.

I am an experienced chartered and state registered physiotherapist, and have spent many years treating a variety of patients, ranging from members of the general public to world-class athletes. We offer a high level, bespoke service, personalised to suit each patients individual need.

We specialise in sports injuries, and can usually sort out most problems on the day, or within a couple of visits. I am currently working alongside world leading experts, offering cutting edge medicine, care and therapy. We are in constant contact with all leading specialists in the area, so can gain preferential access to consultants and imaging if complex problems present.

My special interest is the treatment and management of neck and spinal injuries.

Before I trained as a Physiotherapist I played football professionally with Leicester City, Glasgow Celtic, Southampton and Bournemouth. After qualifying as a physio, I Joined Leicester City as Head Academy Physiotherapist, and then with the University of Bath Sports Injury and Human Performance Centre, to work with Team GB. It has been a pleasure to work with the England football Team and The England Rugby squad, not to mention some of the finest athletes on the planet as one of Team GB’s physio’s.