Liam Dinnall-Bateman

Liam Dinnall-Bateman

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Liam Dinnall-Bateman

Liam Dinnall-Bateman

I am a Chartered Physiotherapist at Oakwood Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre. I joined Oakwood in 2022, gaining a vast variety of skills to treat all musculoskeletal complaints.

Previously I played as a professional footballer for Aston Villa Football Club, but sadly my career ended due to a broken leg and compartment syndrome. After this I made it my ambition to help and care for others. Funnily enough many years ago I was treated by Ian for my injuries which finally led to me pursuing a career in Physiotherapy.

I was a Healthcare assistant throughout the pandemic and progressed my role to Therapy Assistant in the NHS. I am a qualified Personal Trainer, Sports Masseur and Physiotherapist.

During my training I was fortunate to gain experience in Acute Stroke Rehabilitation, Community Stroke Rehabilitation, Community MSK rehabilitation and Respiratory.

I care about every patient I treat and make it my aim to help them live a better life and achieve goals, whether that is by decreasing pain or
increasing movement. I hope to be a valuable addition to the team and the community, providing my skills and knowledge. I aim to learn from different patients and Physiotherapists.

Using the wide range of cutting-edge technology to support my treatment methods, I am to achieve the best outcomes for patients.
At Oakwood Physiotherapy, our goal is to help you be free from pain as soon as possible and enable an easy, pain-free return to normal daily activities. I am ready to support you on your journey to becoming injury free.

Our Goal…

…is to get the cause of your condition…

…and fix it.

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