Sarah Hopton

Sarah Hopton

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Sarah Hopton MBACP (Accred) | MNCS (Prof Accred) | FACCPH | Adv AP

I am an accredited and registered psychotherapist. I work with individuals, groups and organisations supporting life changes and mental health issues, including addiction and trauma.

I have a busy practise in Derbyshire and am delighted to be joining the team at Oakwood Physiotherapy, where we can offer a holistic treatment approach that integrates the impacts of physical trauma on mental health.

I consider my professional journey as being positively impacted by my corporate experience, sporting accomplishments and time spent working within therapeutic communities for addiction and trauma clients. These life experiences created a path that shaped my approach to counselling and psychotherapy which  is trauma informed and relational where each individual is intrinsically valued and treatment is bespoke.

I believe it is important to have ‘walked the walk’ rather than just ‘talk the talk’ so remain open to new ways of working and using intuition to see where the client’s treatment plan needs to go. I aim to facilitate a trusting therapeutic relationship where clients can feel safe and secure, so they feel able to share their experience in confidence. I believe in a pro-active approach to help clients achieve their treatment goals.